Who is Sisi?

She is a creative soul living between Amsterdam and Ljubljana  inspired by everything around her. Her fashion, interior, branding and lifestyle tips are a curated collection of experience, travels and sublime emotions she has encountered up to today.

Inspired by the little things; she makes big things happen. Versatile, yet unique with a smooth blend of Nordic design, glam and easy effortlessness - this is Sisi.

Welcome to her House of Style!



As a creative consultant I work with new clients on various projects intertwining interior, decoration, fashion, retail and wholesale areas.

It is a pleasure to work in a fast pace, reactive and diverse environments, so I can help individuals with high energy and enthusiasm.


My holistic approach to styling goes way beyond fashion trends and interior revamping. 

I help you rediscover the version of yourself you have always wanted to be, at home and in your day-to-day personal life.


I give big ideas identity and help you develop a perfect concept for your new service. Let it be a small concept shop or a retail store, a single collection or an array of products. 

I help you develop your brand or join the existing ones to bring your idea to life! 


I join the feelings and vibes living between Amsterdam and Ljubljana and turn them into products which you can buy in my shop. 

Ceramics collections, homeware, decoration and fashion. 

New projects coming soon!